English page about the robot


The main idea of the «Hyberbok» project is to create an affordable and intellectual home robot oriented on wide range of customers. This robot isn’t just a machine with a finite number of functions, but a real close friend, family member, companion.

It can talk, move, learn and adapt to the “host” and environment. Embedded algorithms based on artificial neural networks allow it to recognize, remember and analyze different life-events and adapt to them.

You can find photos and videos of the robot on http://www.hyperbok.ru/галерея.html

You can order the robot here http://www.hyperbok.ru/предзаказ/

Robot in real environment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYu6mtI0X_k


You also can find here some video from news!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-1L0wpXFjE&feature=plcp http://www.antena3.com/videos-online/noticias/tecnologia/revolucion-tecnologica-estalla-simo_2012092500170.html (0:47)

http://www.telemadrid.es/?q=programas/madrid/abre-la-feria-simo-network-dedicada-las-tecnologias-para-las-empresas (0:18)

http://russia.tv/video/show/brand_id/3838/video_id/457478/viewtype/picture (12:50 - 14:30)

http://www.tvc.ru/bcastArticle.aspx?vid=1d75121a-c630-40ba-92ed-60ed42a15e38 (11:07)

http://www.vesti.ru/only_video.html?vid=485787 (0:53, 10:07).